Skatta Burrell Turned Down Khago Olive Branch At Magnum Kings & Queens [VIDEO]

Khago surprised both his fans and nemesis Skatta Burrell during his performance on Magnum Kings & Queens finale last week.

During his well received performance, Khago shout out all the judges including Skatta, who he has been beefing with since leaving Downsound Records last month.

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“Big up yoself Skatta Burrel,” Khago said to loud cheers from the audience.

Despite the gesture, Skatta Burrell still has beef with Khago.

This is what Skatta said on Twitter after the show.

“People seh anyting dem want to but mi naw pretend like me an nuh man a frien afta dem diss di program. Leggo wid dem hypocrite hail.”

“Some artist will do anyting fi please di crowd but mi nu pretend mi radda hold on to mi pride dan sell out fi hold a vibe.”

“Anyting mi stand for mi hold on to it wedda mi up or dung. Dem seh naw sell out but dem sell dem morals fi a forwud! Kmt unuh low mi”

The “Nah Sell Out” hitmaker and the Downsound producer have been beefing since last month after Khago abruptly parted ways with the record label.

Should these to end their beef?

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