Shawn Storm Ft. Blak Diamon – Summertime In JA Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Wi roll out inna the car well tint up
Every hot gyal a pin fi wi link up
Stacy pinking first
Kim miss the sprint up
2 a dem a link up
A 3 yo mi a think first
Gaza gyallis bare gyal a follow
Mi step inna the club gyal a touch dem one another

And a summer time so gyal inna summer shorts
A expose the front part
Andrew Blacks you no easy
A sip street vybz and a siv the catty
And every gyal free fi come VIP
And take picture wid the world boss

True a summer time every gyal come a wine
So every man grab a gyal same time
And anywhere the party deh mi a reach
A could a pon the beach

Wi live fi this time a year
Party naw stop yo hear mi
A summer time siva
When a summer time inna JA
Girls fly inn
Girls fly inn
Fi mi long, long, long
Summer time anywhere the party keep a it wi a go find

(Verse 2)
Yeh a summer time again
So beg yo dan gwaan go find Caren
Mi have 3 color floss a street vybz mask
So meck wi meck a link up
Cause every bad man a girl wi a pree
Tasha May seh fi meet are a the pool party
Shi tell mi weh day when mi come buy the cartoon fees
Seh shi have a hot gyal fi me
You no si a summer every gyal a turn gunner
And baby make the most divorce as turn lover
Jah know everywhere mi go mi scared
Cause a pear gyal mi swear
Yo think a lie no

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)