Bounty Killer – None A Dem Nuh Bad Lyrics

No bwoy no badder than killer, none
None a dem cyaa meck killer run
Bad before some a dem a hold gun
Long from mi a bad, but mi no done

No bwoy no badder than Bounty Killer
Which artist lock down the country Killer
A who claat the pumpy
Meck bwoy fall like umpty dumpty

(Verse 1)
Mi cross, mi angry, yes mi nice
Never get a Bel view ticket but not
Anyweh inna the street wi shot
Satan cannot defeat the God
Yo mussi waan bwoy toe get crab
End up inna hospital wid all peepie bags
Some bwoy full a sh– like crab
Yo think is a your style a mi zig zag
Rifle a wave like a flag pon a fag
Head a roll like a ball
Body jump like a frog
Mi gun dem answer job like stagalog
My war digital stay far
Gunshot a bathe, a no soap, a no rag
Suck out yo money who a boast and a brag
Everything a dead who soak inna log
Head haffi pop off and post inna bag

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Well some bwoy full a mouth just chat
When my gun dem pop off head shot
All when yo head hot mi wi shot out yo plat
Meck yo whistle like a giggle
Wid the eagle and kotch
Think mi a run, mi a sit down and watch
Anything pon the map get bullet and cop
Mi wi use a K fi kill Kaliesha daughter
So wa take some bloodclaath bad man no cough

(Repeat Chorus)