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Gucci Mane Told Judge “B–ch I Might Be” In Guilty Plea [PHOTO]

Gucci Mane epic response to a judge who asked him if he plea guilty for aggravated assault made the rounds on Twitter today.

“B–ch I might be,” the Brick Squad rapper allegedly response.

The photo above is probably fake but it sure is funny and hip-hop fans had a field day with it on Twitter this morning.

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Gucci Mane was indicted on a charge of aggravated assault after a soldier filed a police report saying the rapper hit him in the head with a champagne bottle at a club in Atlanta.

The Atlanta rapper was arrested again a day after posting a $75,000 bail for probation violation.

Can’t seems to stay out of jail.


  1. Crack pot… wat ever it is… that was a stoopid move…

  2. This dude is a nut case they should just keep him lock up.

  3. Oh HELL NAW…that’s why his a$$ is locked away.