Daville – Joe Grind Lyrics

Girl if yo man naw give yo wa yo waan
Baby don’t worry move yo hands from yo jaw

Here’s my number call mi when you waan girl
Call mi when you waan
Call my number, Joe Grind is my name
I got no shame to my game
Kind treat yo wid love through the rain
Oh through the rain

Here’s my number
Joe grind is my name
I got no shame to my game
I kind treat yo withing the poring rain
All through the rain

(Verse 1)
Girl if yo man naw give yo no attention
Woman don’t worry I’ll be the intervention
Worst when it come to the sex don’t even mentioned
Me and you alone no need no interruption
And if yo man him a move too boring
Everyday him and him friend dem gone touring
Gone street a night, no come back till a morning
He’s never there when yo nature is calling

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
How a man fi leave a woman like you inna yo bed
Like you no have no feelings to him
Yo mussi dead
When you a complain him never hear wa word you said
Him never pay attention until you give it weh
Him no care bout yo feelings
Him care bout him self
Him money inna poccket
Him car and him wealth
Ignore weh yo seh
Yo feelings about yo self
And now yo day dreaming about somebody else

(Repeat Chorus)

Mi is a bwoy wi jump through yo window
Buss through yo roof
Jump over yo fence
haffi when mi naw lose
Joe grind position a that mi choose
Take care a the wife weh the husband dem refuse
Yo know mi number ladies call mi
Anytime yo want, anytime yo need mi
I will be there for you
Cause joe grind always care for you

(Repeat Chorus)