Konshens – Suh We Do We Ting Lyrics

Me look clean and the team look clean
Gyal dem a seh a we a dem dream
When wi fross dem wid the rum fire
Juck dem like a umpire

A so wi do wi thing
Wi no do the bruk thing a constant money to wi thing
And nothing funny to wi thing
Straight like arrow, bad man a lead wi no follow man
That a our style
Wi no beg people because wi have money all the while
Gyal dem love si wi smile
But wi no too smile all the while cause a so wi profile

(Verse 1)
From wi step up inna the club a yah so wi stand up
The gyal dem si wi and a watch an a plan up
Two by two dem a gang up
Just us every gyal waan have up
Watch how wi smoke and a wonder weh wi a drink
Look inna wi face wonder weh wi a think
Only the realest wi let inna wi link
A so wi keep the link stink, smell it?

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wi no link up pon a normal night
Gyal pon the left and mi si gyal pon the right
Thugs dem deh yah everybody alright
Roach let out a dozen gyal inna the video light
Yuh no si a bay mad people a spar
No bwoy couldn’t bright fi a think bout no war
No care who deh yar, wi no frighten fi car
Wi a pree land and house
And money fi wi kids and spouse

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)