Khago – Suicide War Lyrics

A David slew Goliath
Wid a sling and a stone
So right now mi naw take no chat
Gunshot a go broke Jaw bone

Dem fi know seh a suicide war dem a get
Mi know seh a suicide war dem a get
Dem know mi wi strop on a bomb round mi neck
And crash mi car inna dada Chevrolet

Dem know seh a suicide war dem a get
Dem know seh a suicide war dem a get
Seh dem a go beat mi caw me naw fret
Colombian neck tie tongue a come through neck

(Verse 1)
Da war yah naw edit
So mi go buy some strop caw mi debit
The rotten head dem a tell mi fi shell it
Mi wi circle dada endz and led it
Blood shed it
You never know man a psycho
Yo show fish compassion and him sho wid Gycho
Mi would a beg to mi life any day
Seh di bobo dem up a bobo hill
Dem no like yo
Box who like Noris
Man it would be yo last box that cause I no cherish man
Bobo go ask kendon
Green vale user scene meck bwoy turn skeleton

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi wi pay deh bar tender gyal deh fi poison yo Hennessy
Flick yo duppy meck man si
Caw mi a penny gyal
But dem bwoy deh a penny mi
A mash up Selassie high legacy
So any bwoy feel seh dem a go beat the sky
Remember the sky don’t fraid fi die
Remember mi suicidal
A real marrow gangster meck fly
Dem seh dem waan lyrical
True mi flick dem duppy when dem waan take it physical
Bobo argument minimal
Tell the high priest dem fi prepare fi yo funeral
You mussi check seh mi easy fi beat
And mi no beg dem veg nor meat
After black woman and child
The world seet seh the bobo drop a sleep

(Repeat Chorus)

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