Buju Banton Trial: Juror Handed Over Wrong Hard Drive

Some new life was injected into Buju Banton ongoing fight for his freedom in Florida.

A week after a computer forensic expert concluded his investigation on the hard drive of juror Teri Wright, Banton’s lawyers say she handed over the wrong hard drive.

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The reggae singer’s attorney, Kwame Lumumba, told the Observer that Wright handed over the hard drive of an old desktop computer, when she should have handed over one from her laptop.

“Her attorney stated in court that she surrendered the hard drive of a laptop computer,” Kwame Lumumba said. “She said she did research on the case three weeks after the trial. The expert found no evidence that she did any research at all on that hard drive and found that it was not the hard drive of a laptop but the hard drive of a desktop. We are of the firm opinion that she did not submit the hard drive for a laptop computer.”

Buju Banton legal team is asking for a new trial on the grounds that juror Teri Wright violate court orders and research the case during the trial.

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Buju Banton is currently serving a 10 year sentence in a Florida prison. He is also facing an additional five years on a gun charge that was initially thrown out by Federal Judge James Moody.

That gun charge was reinstated last year when Buju Banton lost his appeal.

Another hearing in the case is set for next week.


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