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Khago Says “I Went To Downsound Mad” Talks Management Problems [VIDEO]

Dancehall star Khago stopped by Onstage with Winford Williams this weekend to discuss his recent issues with Downsound Records and changing management over the years.

According to the “Nah Sell Out” deejay, he never had a management contract with the record label headed by Joe Bogdanovich.

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“I gave him the opportunity to book for me, so he said okay 10% for bookings, so while I was on tour 2012 he said okay I am going to do certain things for you as a manager but I am going to take 23%, so I said put it on paper and let me see it and when I see all the things he said he would do for me I never turned it down,” Khago said.

However, Khago said Joe Bogdanovich did not delivered on the specific things he put in the contract.

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Since his announcement last week that he is parting ways with Downsound, there has been a growing rumor that Khago is crazy and difficult to manage.

During the interview, Khago also jokingly said he went to Downsound mad and that is the reason the label did not drive him crazy.

Watch the interview below.


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