Charly Black – Too Blessed Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mi seh mi just get pay
It is a good day
Plus mi collect mi pardner draw
All the way to the Lord mi pray
So mi take mi hand dem from mi jaw
Cause when mi no have no money
Nobody cyaa know
When mi hungry, my hungry cyaa show

Mi know to mi step, envious people cyaa stop mi flow
Cause am too bless to be stress
Mi naw meck dem get my happiness

Am too bless to be stress
Mi a full joy mi life to the fulness

So if yo give thanks fi life everyday
Everybody follow me and seh
From you independent put up yo hand and seh
And from yo know yo heart clean
And yo conscience freeze seh
Yo work hard every day and yo know weh mi mean seh

(verse 2)
Ambition is the key
Yes that is me
Everybody know that a my middle name
Vipers agree waan stop Charly B
A my energy dem waan drain
Fi dem words cyaa get mi down
Negative people no allowed around
Mi know fi mi self
Envious people naw go si fround

(Repeat Chorus 2X)