Ninjaman – Dawg Nyam Yuh Supper Lyrics

Dawg nyam yo supper yo bugger
Yo meck the ex and turn round and a suffer

Dawg nyam yo supper yo bugger
No si the country still under pressure

Dawg nyam yo supper yo bugger
Seh wi a try but things remain tougher

Dawg nyam yo supper yo bugger
A better life wi a go fah

(Verse 1)
Time get hard so money mi a defend
The well soon dry so no need to pretend
Seh everything cris and mi problem no bend
How mi fi seh Jamaica no problem
When mi si gas price, food price
Gone to the moon
So weh happen to the man dem weh no born wid gold spoon
Seh nuff things raise and mi pay naw raise
Meck mi head get hot like 12:00 noon
Dem seh grow weh wi eat and eat weh wi grow
But if wi try that wi turn fool fi john crow
Cause mankind cyaa live by ground provision
Pay lasco cyaa meck pickney grow

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Budget a go read and escape wi again
Election a come round a few years again
But one day mi sure seh the time fi the bell and the head
A go run out like ink out a pen
High price a juck wi like one dozen pin
And saint people stoop a nam out a bin
Wi soon get mad pon Goliath and fire our sling
Good thing Christ pay fi our sin
No dawg naw go left fi nyam people supper
Caw dawg food naw left again
And to how people a deal wid food now a days
All plate no haffi wash out again

(Repeat Chorus)