Chronixx – Tell Mi Now Lyrics

Till wi meet again
Till wi meet again
How you fi seh mi a yo brother
And yo never seh yo love mi yet

Wa you a wait pon
Tell mi wa you a wait pon
Tell mi wa you a wait pon

(Verse 1)
Life too short wi haffi cherish it
The race haffi run
Wi haffi finish it
But before mi leave off a the pilgrim
Mi haffi tell you say mi love you

When mi brother pass off and gone
Mi couldn’t believe mi haffi hold on pon him hand
This a weh him tell mi him no dream
A this a wa him tell mi seh

If you love mi
Hi better you tell mi now
Don’t bother wait till later
When mi gone you deh scatter roses

All a mi friend dem weh pass and gone
Meck mi weak in ma heart
But for those who are there right now
Hey mi haffi tell you seh mi love you

(Verse 2)
Mi haffi live because mi likkle brother fast to sleep
Mi couldn’t stay inna the church when the pastor preach
Some people si mi smile and think the laughter sweet
Mi look strong on the outside but mi heart a beep
Him seh big brother continue caw mi know yo sad
Plus no meck nobody tell you seh no grow yo lox
And him seh don’t bun no weed
Do no take a draw
God know mi love mi likkle brother straight to mi heart

(Repeat Chorus)

Mi love unu
Mi brother mi love unu
Sister mi love unu
Mommy mi love you
Chronic yeh mi love you
Teflon mi love you
Stracklers I man, the whole a Dela Vaga
Chronixx love unu

(Repeat Chorus)