Vybz Kartel – Do It (Dweet We A Dweet) Lyrics

A dweet we a dweet
And wi a dweet fi meck everybody seet
Anywhere mi go gyal a seh mi look neat
Anywhere mi go gyal a seh mi smell sweet

A dweet we a dweet
And mi no borrowed bwoy pants fi go beat
Gyal a seh mi style tougher than the concrete
What a pretty smile mi no carry rotten teeth

(Verse 1)
Woman haffi love mi
Every gyal a seh shi waan gimmi pickiny
Which gyal a seh fi married are quickly
Gyal a seh dem love how mi jeans fit mi
True mi draw fi Caren him a curse an a seh mi face bleach out
And a play strictly
Likkle more inna the night when yo look inna mi house
Caren and kim in deh with mi
Meck mi tell you wi a do

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Me gyal a fight fa
Nuff gyal a seh a mi dem would a die fa
A last week one take on deh fight yah
Then mi go fi are sister weh nicer
Shawn Storm a the real star baller
We take bwoy gyal, him go strike like lighter
Is like Messi and Teves, and tores and Christian Renoldo
World class striker
Matsu and Kyler

(Repeat Chorus)