Masicka – The Powers Lyrics

Yow a Masicka hi no
And yo know wi bad
And a now wi just mad
Bout wa, none a wi cyaa bad an God yo zimi

Den hear mi no Justus
Dem seh pon me dem gun must buss
Pon me dem waan fire ackee
But me seh a prayer a day

(Verse 1)
Mi pray fi guidance pon the battle field
And friend now waan fi stop mi meal
Mi show dem love weh real
Pon me dem waan fi clap the steel
Pone a fire wid mi prayer
Before Jah mi kneel
Dem a wicked, dem a lire, tell me whats the deal
Yo waan fi take mi life when mi show yo love
But it never work Jah a mi guard mi shield
A that’s why we no fraid a people
Yo cyaa meck mi know inna mi casket feel

All dem a bad up dem self an a hype
And a gwaan like a dem run the world
Humble yo self and listen mi a talk to every bwoy, every girl
None a wi no bigger than God
Mi seh none a wi no badder than God
Listen to mi none a wi no bigger than God
Portmore none a wi no badder than God

(Verse 2)
Bwoy yo out a road a chat a seh yo gun load a shot
But Jehovah got mi back and mi sure a that
Lightning flash, thunder roll, every obia stop
No casket, no rose, no box, no hole a drop
Me never run when mi foes attack
Inna a flash dem lay flat like when the ode nox snap
No haffi carry a dogger wid mi
Yo cyaa hurt Jah, Jah, pickiny

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Yow mi no waan no funeral fi stock
Young general a talk unu know seh mi bad
Yeh districts mi fraid fi walk
Bun out evil thought we no coward
None a dem no badder than God
Weh mi seh, none a dem no badder than God
Dem cyaa do mi nothing
Dem no badder than God
Mi no haffi march wid the zigzag

(Repeat Chorus)