I Octane ft. Queen Ifrica – Rasta Love Lyrics

This thing call love
It’s such a wonderful feeling
It’s such a wonder cho

(Chorus – Queen Ifrica)
Rasta cyaa get enough a your love
Ask mi for anything
No need fi act worried
Wi no haffi get married
Mi no frighten fi wedding ring

(I Octane)
Yo no seet seh yo love take mi higher no chance
Sweeter than anything
Mi no haffi used sonic
Baby don’t panic
Everything is everything

(Verse 1 – Queen Ifrica)
Mi waan love yo this fi yo look inna mi eye
No Gyal a road cyaa take yo away from I
Cause what I got you cant deny
You know I keep you satisfied

(I Octane)
Mi sure seh yo like it
Everybody seet
Ital fresh vegetable a no dutty meat
Am so glad that I’m with you
So tell mi the things weh yo want mi fi do
(Chorus -Queen Ifrica)
Rve out mi engine, mash up mi car
Dig up mi road an scrape weh the tar
Mi wi hold it with a firm grip
So tighten the jar
The second line inna the chorus tell you weh fi do

(I Octane -)
Baby mi no care if the list long bring it mi back strong
You a mi saw, mi a yo john, john
Caw yo always a go be apart a mi plan
Mi come to the conclusion

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Queen Ifrica)
All day long mi glowing, from simple knowing
Later tonight mi a go si yo
Cyaa wait fi tell yo how much mi miss yo
Baby mi just waan hug yo an kiss yo

(I Octane)
Darling come over no
Put yo head pon mi shoulder no
True dem know mi a mad over yo
Dem just waan Obia yo

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus 2X)