Rihanna, Chris Brown Relationship Airs Out In Law & Order SVU [VIDEO]

The producers of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit came under fire last weekend for an episode in which they use the Rihanna/Chris Brown relationship.

But after watching the episode most fans agree that it gave you a different outlook on domestic violence.

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The episode titled “Funny Valentine” aired last night on NBC, with cameos from Wendy Williams, Perez Hilton, and Dave Navarro.

As authorities work to build a case of domestic abuse against fake Chris Brown, the fake Rihanna character refused to cooperate and instead sticks by her man despite the abuse.

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There is also a twist in the end when a character believed to be Jay-Z was shot dead by the fake Chris Brown character.

It tells the all too familiar story of how domestic abusers can have a grip on their victims.

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