German Company Apologize To Jamaica For Offensive Ad

German based electronic maker Saturn came under fire last week over a controversial advertisement the company released showing the Jamaican flag being burnt and stomped.

The company has taken note of the outcry from Jamaicans around the globe and issued ad apology.

Through some diplomatic dialogue betwene the Jamaican government and the company, Saturn has also removed the controversial ad from its various channels.

“We must nevertheless take note of the fact that the humorous approach we selected has led to some misunderstandings in Jamaica and among Jamaicans living in Germany. We sincerely regret this and would like to apologise if we have angered or offended anyone with our ad,” the company said in a letter sent to Jamaica’s ambassador to Germany, Joy Wheeler.

Since releasing on YouTube last week, the ad rocked up over a million views on YouTube with a lot of angry comments from Jamaicans and non-Jamaicans alike.

The company has since removed the ad from YouTube.

You can view the controversial ad below and leave your comments.