Controversy: Jamaican Flag Burnt In Saturn German Ad [VIDEO]

Weeks after that very funny VW ad debut at the Super Bowl, another German company, Saturn Electronics, made a new ad with Jamaica being the key ingredient.

The ad starts out in a small coffee shop with a large Jamaican flag hanging in the back and Barrington Levy’s classic single “Murderer” playing in the background.

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While trying to brew some coffee, the coffee maker malfunction and started a fire which caught the flag on fire inadvertently.

The two guys quickly took the burning flag outside and started stomping it on the sidewalk to put out the fire. Outside surveillance camera captured the footage which went viral. The video footage prompted a massive demonstration with thousands of people converging on the scene with huge Jamaican flags.

In other words, the ad is saying if the coffee shop owners had better electronics that wouldn’t have happen. It also shows the huge love for Jamaica and Jamaican culture worldwide.

The ad caused an uproar among some Jamaicans while others sees nothing wrong with it.

Barrington Levy says although he gave the company permission to use his song, he is outraged at the burning of the Jamaican flag.

“They got permission to use my song… they didn’t say what they were going to do with my song but if they did say they were going to use my song to burn my country flag… that would be a total disrespect to my thing and my country and my people… not only burning it but trampling it like that is a total disrespect,” Barrington Levy says.

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