Jimmy Cliff Volkswagen Super Bowl Ad Stirs Some Controversy [VIDEO]

Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff’s new Volkswagen Super Bowl advertisement is the first to create some controversy.

But we beg to ask the question where is the controversy/racism?

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The VW ad shows a officer worker trying to cheer up his co-workers by talking in Jamaican dialect.

Since the ad was released on YouTube earlier this week a few folks on NBC’s “Today Show” criticized it calling it offensive.

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According to Jimmy Cliff the ad is purely about positivity and good vibes.

Jimmy Cliff wrote on his Facebook page:

“I chose to record the song that’s part of the Volkswagen Super Bowl campaign because it has a great message and it is something that people can apply to everyday life. I have travelled around the world many times, met all types of people and played in front of millions throughout my career. I have personally seen the positive effects of reggae music and Jamaican culture. I am a proud Jamaican and stand by this campaign, I feel like people need to focus on peace and unity. Blessed love.”

The Jimmy Cliff VW Super Bowl ad has since rocked up millions of views on YouTube.

Watch the ad and a teaser below.

Do you think this ad is offensive or racist?

Sound off below.