Assassin – Hand To Mouth Lyrics

Hand to mouth as mi get the money
It done an it feel like next month end naw go come
As wi get the money it done, it done, it done, it done

(Verse 1)
Hand to mouth mi get pay paw Friday
An by Saturday is like mi don’t know mi got dem
But no feel seh mi squander mi money
Mi work too hard fi it, fi take it an dash weh
A long time mi no save
Gone a the days when mi could a have a thing stash weh
Mi news dig out a track one day so mi naw go back deh
Mi haffi try supn else
Get mi pay mi pray fi Jah bless it
All kind a way mi try stretch it
Mi try pick 3 but mi never yet catch it
All mi lotto mi haffi left it
An a don’t waan break the law
One a mi friend tell mi fi try partner
But the same week weh mi get mi draw
Mi hand gone back a mi Jaw

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Last night was a fork night
An likkle most yo hear seh mi an the bass fight
About 6 week wages him owed mi
An come a tell man story
But story cyaa put food paw mi table
Story cyaa put on back mi cable
So bass man keep yo fable
Yo don’t si mi life unstable
Mi owed one month rent an mi haffi pay off
Couldn’t pay light so that haffi stay off
Mi have whole heap more bills fi clear off
The six week thing just throw mi way off
Lord mi pray mi no get lay off
Cause if mi get layed off
Mi could a try theft an end up inna prison
Like burner made off

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Granny seh how water walk go a pumpkin
But mi waan ask you something
A weh the money walk gone when a month end
Mi waan some tire an mi waan fi mi front end
Water commission dem take mi fi fool
How mi bills heavy so an mi naw full
Lord mi dream this an mi light bill
The youth dem cyaa go a school

(Repeat Chorus 2X)