Elephant Man – From My Heart Lyrics

To all the ladies who have being hurt by their man
I Elephant man apologize on their behalf
With sincerity from my heart

To all the girls that I have hurt in my pass
Am sending dem BB we meck wi jam with a blast
To say am sorry
It’s coming straight from my heart
From my heart, coming straight from my heart, from my heart
No man no too big to apologize
To all my girl friends in high school
Straight up to my wife
Am saying am sorry
It’s coming straight from my heart

(Verse 1)
If yo if a girl weh man hurt before
Or a man ever ever dis yo dirt before
Mi apologize fi the man dem weh stile woman
An a call dem dirty hoer
Man a dis a woman weh a 34
After shi wash him dirty clothe an clean dirty floor
Girl in front him, him a search fi more
Dem thing deh wi meck woman hurt fi sure

A dem get hurt the hardest
An still yet dem stay strong regardless
9 months in are womb deserve a fortune
Give dem dem glory dem God bless
Mi naw do like Usher weh a confess
Dem thing deh wi left you inna ants nest
But it good when you talk the truth my youth
The whole a wi a singer an wi transgress

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Inna hair dresser shop woman chat anything
Deh so many queen sit down a chat many king
Inna barber shop man chat anything
Bout woman no fi a apologize fi everything
To all the girls weh get used an refuse
An dem feelings abuse by the food weh dem choose
Mi a meck a public apology
So girl follow mi pon Twitter
Come an catch the news

(Repeat Chorus)