From Dogg To Lion, Snoop First Visit To Tuff Gong, Meeting Rita Marley [VIDEO]

How it all began, from Dogg to Lion, Snoop’s journey from gangster rap to rasta reggae.

During a lone visist to Jamaica in February of 2012, one of the most iconic gangster rapper in hip-hop received a spiritual calling that would put him on a totally different path.

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Snoop Lion, former Snoop Dogg, not only rebranded himself but he also reinvented his music and his image.

After his return from Jamaica Snoop called a press conference to let his fans know he is now the reincarnation of Bob Marley.

Snoop and his team documented his spiritual journey from his first ever visit to Tuff Gong studio in Kingston to meeting Rita Marley and visiting the Nyabhingi camp in Montego Bay.

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Snoop Lion will be releasing his documentary “Reincarnated” in theaters next month, as well as, his debut reggae album of the same name.

Leading up to the premiere of the documentary, Snoop will be releasing a series of videos chronicling his every move while he was in Jamaica.

During his first visit last year, Snoop met up with Diplo, Damian Marley and more at the iconic Tuff Gong studio. He also met Rita Marley.