Cv ft Vybz Kartel – Touch Mi Nuh Lyrics

(Intro – Vybz Kartel & Cv)
If yo feel seh yo bad come touch mi no
If yo feel seh yo bad come touch mi no
Who seh that, who seh that
Flash a weh do dem

Mi swear only gyal cyaa touch mi
Buss mi gun but only God cyaa judge mi
Talk dem a talk none a dem cyaa
Dead dem a dead if dem ever come

(Verse 1)
Some bwoy a meck a bag a talk
Bout how dem come from Ackee walk
St.Cathrin Old Harbor an Gregory Park
When a me a run the streets east west north
So war too big fi push paw hand cart
Bullet big like Super Plus, Mega Mart
If yuh feel seh yo bad den meck a walk
Bullet fly inna chest an paste that
That a chap, chap, dem like Cabbol
Look deh brain a fly over the wall
Dis mi mi meck yo grandmama ball
When yo spirit fly away like ball
Mobi tray yuh a no beater life gone
Yuh no Jesus so that cyaa come back
Pu**y hole take shot
Should a never dis a man weh lock AK
Plus cluster mize lock

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi no inna the bag a talk thing
But fi the devil I was sin thing
9 milli wid the A trigger open
Your soul mi a gi fi offering
Squeeze the trigger until the pin pop
Left head open like loptop
Nikki Minaj massive attack
Mi gun was a pack so dem cyaa buss back
Dem bwoy deh a fake dem a nerd
Eagle dem a fed that a bird
Yuh waan dem dead seh the word
Mi a left dem face pon the dirt

(Repeat Chorus 2X)