Anthony B Proclaim His Innocence, Says He Was Treated Unfairly

Anthony B was arrested in Houston County, Georgia late last month on suspicion of marijuana trafficking.

According to arrest records, Anthony B, real name Keith “Anthony B” Blair, was found with marijuana after a vehicle he was traveling in was pulled over by state patrol.

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In a statement sent to from reps of the reggae singer, Anthony B says he is innocent as police did not found marijuana on him.

The incident occurred while Anthony B was traveling from a tour on the West Coast to return to Florida. He said state patrol pulled over his tour bus saying the tint was too dark.

Read part of the statement below:

During the search, a small amount of marijuana, less than 4 oz., and rolling paper was allegedly discovered among the belongings of three band members.

These individuals acknowledged at the scene, ownership of the substance that was found.

No illegal items were found on Anthony B or among his personal possessions and despite his protestations of his innocence the police nonetheless proceeded to arrest everyone in the bus.

Based on the small quantity of marijuana that was found, the manner in which it was been held and the obvious indications of personal use by the parties who possessed the marijuana, the police chose to overcharge this as possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

These charges are absolutely not supported by the facts of this case.

Anthony B has a number of shows coming up in the United States in which he says he will be performing pending a outcome of the situation.