Jah Vinci ft. Twin Of Twins – Jah Is Lyrics

(Intro – Jah Vinci)
Protect me lord, yo naw meck mi suffer like dog
Me naw go sell mu soul
Even tho the devil just a temp mi hard
Blessed is the man that walk not in the council of the on Godly
In the street mi a walk wid God
So no demon out deh cyaa mad mi

(Chorus – Jah Vinci)
Jah is the king, Jah is the one
And I don’t wanna praise no other man

Jah is the king, Jah is the one
And I don’t wanna praise no other man

(Verse 1 – Twin Of Twins)
Don’t meck bible cobweb
Mi know seh it hard an sometime unu fed up
Evil a prosper over you an it sheg up
You si when time you drop an feel like you cyaa get up
Just don’t meck bible gather dust
A pray wi fi a pray fi Kartel an Dudos
Some people no happy wa sell out an go buss
Jah fight gainst those who fight against us

(Repeat Chorus – Jah Vinci)

(Verse 2 – Twin Of Twins)
Even tho a soon five bills fi a bread
An the living soon envy the dead
An courts just come back fi yo bed
Don’t give up youths hold up unu head
Even tho you face wid the bag a light bill
Even tho a you yo baby mother waan kill
Cause yo cyaa find the pampas an the two infamil
You think a over night mi put a house pon the hill
Unu member when Kartel seh God get a beating
Da concept deh change from a likkle thing reach him
Him start si things clear like the pill dem wa bleach him
AN him mate a tell mi seh a pay prayer meeting

(Repeat Chorus – Jah Vinci)

(Verse 3 – Jah Vinci)
Tell a man fi try stop the rain when it’s souring
A so mi blessings comes down cause it’s a sure thing
Jah tell dem no put no other God before him
An dem hail him up an ignore him
Give dem a bible fi read dem seh it boring
Jah is the king of kings an lord of lard
An mi adore him
My life I owed him
Mi live out allot of psalms
An mi know him

(Repeat Chorus – Jah Vinci)