Chris Brown Says He Is Ready To Talk To Cops On Frank Ocean Fight

We are all eagerly awaiting the final police report on what went down between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean on Sunday night at a Los Angeles studio.

It is not clear if police spoke to both singers, however, TMZ is reporting that Chris Brown is ready to talk to the LAPD about what happened.

Frank Ocean Confirmed Chris Brown Fight, Police Investigating

Chris Brown denied rumors that he started the fight and TMZ says video surveillance cleared the “Turn Up The Music” singer of any wrong doings.

This is what TMZ wrote:

The video, however, is not the be-all and end-all, because it only captured the back end of the fight. The altercation began in the parking lot and no cameras were trained on the action. So it doesn’t show who started it. The fight moved into the lobby, and that’s where the camera captured the brawl.

Rihanna Beefed Up Security After Chris Brown And Frank Ocean Fight

Chris Brown is still on probation following his infamous Rihanna beat down in 2009 and could find himself in a mountain of legal troubles if found guilty of any wrong doings.

Initial reports suggest that the two were fighting over a parking spot.