Khago – Marina Stretch Out Lyrics

Ahh bwoy Khago
Ahh bwoy Khago
Dem mek man pants fi sow, unu member that?
Anyway yeh


A me meck dem marina stretch out
Me meck dem marina stretch out
A me meck dem head have migraine
When the bun start stink on the main

Anyway a me meck dem marina stretch out
Me meck dem marina stretch out
Wid all a the bun bwoy wa yo seh yo inna yo life
Cyan believe yuh a ball over one likkle wife

(Verse 1)

Mi tell mi friend yeh line up a fake tour
And meck him feel seh him have a real tour
Over mi yard catty no stop sour
From sealing to floor bad lock sour
A the nother man drink all the fruit juice
Caw gangster no flex loose
Catty know seh bad man no wear bwoy clothe
So catty haffi buy me clothe

But anyway move the likkle Nissan fi pick up the pay
And rotten head a flex brilliant
Mi never want the likkle roadest spot mi out
Caw mi know him have a parakeet mouth
But anyway dem yah bun yah worst than scotch banit
Worst dem go find seh a me a sand it
Catty seh him could a ball resovar
Shi a switch from a star to a mega star

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

2011 dem take weh one a mi worst gyal an meck it look like seh a did fi mi best gyal
Now mi drop the bakery a fi yo gate yuh a ball out like a likkle Europe dutch gyal
An any bwoy split dem pay inna half an gi gyal
Gyal haffi clown out minimal
My catty hold the passenger seat inna my car
Dem haffi buy gyal jeep fi seet
Somethings wa some bwoy do fi hold gyal
Could a buy gyal the world it no hold gyal
Naw shed no tears out a mi head
After fi mi mother don’t dead

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)