Did Karrine “Superhead” Steffans Betrayed Lil Wayne With Drake?

All those rumors of beef between Lil Wayne and Drake in the past could be true and one girl is in the middle of it all Karrine Steffans, popularly known as Superhead.

Steffans is working on another book and in that book she spills a lot of beans about her relationship with Young Money rapper Lil Wayne. She alleged that she betrayed Weezy by having an affair with a close friend believed to be Drake.

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Read what she said below:

I walked into his tour bus, determined to leave him. I’d found out about the baby.

His baby.

Sickened, I fell into his arms, tears streaming down my face and onto his shirt.

I needed him, still.

But I couldn’t stay and watch him give someone else everything I wanted. He kissed me and ran his hand under my skirt.

He told me he loved me.

I told him I loved him but it was over.

Then, I turned and ran off the bus and into the arms of one of the closest people to him.

And he would never forgive me.

There are also some rumors that she is pregnant for Lil Wayne, however, that rumor is false.

Publicity stunt maybe?

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