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Is Vybz Kartel The New King Of Dancehall?

Beenie Man will be frowning when he reads this story.

But is Vybz Kartel the new king of dancehall? His loyal followers think so.

Members of Vybz Kartel gaza camp are voicing their displeasure in what they see as inadequate recognition in dancehall for the incarcerated deejay.

Despite being behind bars for over a year, Vybz Kartel managed to maintain a steady popularity in the genre both locally and overseas.

Kartel’s former stylist, Calvin ‘Moonie’ Haye, says Kartel should be crowned the new king of dancehall.

“Vybz Kartel still has a presence in the dancehall and if his songs aren’t being played then all dance and radio play come to a stand still, so Vybz Kartel is the King of Dancehall, that’s what the people are saying,” Moonie said. “Right now a lot of artiste are not making new hits because Vybz Kartel in jail and they used to bridge his ideas, so its one boss and anymore boss is a basket.”

Vybz Kartel’s most loyal female protege, Gaza Slim, also shared Moonie’s views on Vybz Kartel being the new king of dancehall.

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“To how the crowd see it Vybz Kartel is the King of Dancehall, he is the world boss, he is everything,” Gaza Slim said.

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  1. Tweneboa De Real Prince

    Gaza Mi say.

  2. gaza all the way.

  3. he iz real given by GOD. Wi nid him out from jail.


  5. O'shane Billyas Peart

    world boss king a dancehall longtime…

  6. Me too I think he should be crowned tha king of tha dancehall

  7. Bounty Killa is King!! Kartel is baddest lyrically. But Bounty is King!

  8. naa me na agree to dat crap why crown him nw when him inna rickers island u feel sorry fe de man?

  9. anywher u go in zimbabwe and outa zim if vybz kartel song nuh play dat function would b di worst.everywher dem stil play kartel song..him ah di dancehall hero fi sure awhoh.

  10. S d king, free world boss, free new king

  11. yes he is tha king of dancehall big up adi palmer.

  12. He is dancehall King, no one compared.


  14. vybz kartel still shellin dancehall scene an have his fans base same way.

  15. Beenie man been doing dancehall From the age of 5 and still going strong. He is the KING!!!

  16. The incarcerated king of the jailhouse !Then Yes!

  17. Kartel is the king of dancehall. Beenie Man is more like a self proclaim king.

  18. dancehall king vybz kartel that is for real….oh!

  19. Badest lyricist in a Jamaica.

  20. Leon Chicharito Zvinoitavamwe

    kartel is the king of dancehall by a long shot.

  21. Leon Chicharito Zvinoitavamwe

    kartel is the king of dancehall by a long shot.

  22. Kimuyu Denali Denis

    World boss is the baddest dancehall king alive zeen!