Snoop Lion Says Reggae Album Reincarnated Will Have Few Features

We already know that dancehall stars Mavado and Popcaan will be on Snoop Lion’s reggae debut album. But will there be more features?

During his recent interview with GQ Magazine, Snoop Lion hinted that the album will be light on features.

Snoop Lion On Popcaan & Mavado “I Like To Bring Brothers Together” [VIDEO]

“I really didn’t want to have too many featured people on my next couple of projects,” Snoop said. “Because if I’m doing an interview with you and you say, ‘Hey, Snoop, you’re working on your next album. Well, who’s on it? That’s always the first question. Who the f— you think is on it? Me, motherf—-r.”

A release date is not yet set for Reincarnated, but fans can expect it as early as in the spring of this year.

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The album is being produced by Diplo from Major Lazer with Dre Skull from Mixpak Records also doing some work on it.

The West Coast rap legend turn reggae star recently flew down to Jamaica to shoot the video for his critically acclaim single “Lighters Up” with Mavado and Popcaan. That single will make it to the album.