Khago – Dem Boy Deh Just fresh Now Lyrics

Girl dem seh wi purple, mi bazzle till mi dazzle
Russian, Khago

The gyal dem seh mi fresh like mi just born
Dem seh mi fresh like a new born
Dem seh mi colone a blow storm
Tell yuh wah a gwaan


Dem bwoy deh just fresh now
We fresh longtime, hi no mankind
Dem gyal friend a pree wi
So mi fi spar like a dollar coin
Oh that’s right dem bwoy deh just bazzle now
But we bazzle longtime, hi no mankind
Watch how dem gyal friend a pree mi so
Seh mi fi buy like a dollar coin

(Verse 1)

That’s why if a no Benz den a Audy
Spy mouth a jump off so it must be a yardy
Man a cruse round fordy
If a no more a no less than about 5 shorty
Wah dem bwoy deh hype over wi judge ina
Laya fi value when mi check hi judge ina
New comer to the thing dem a beginner
Dem a drive the same thing wah dem live ina
Man a enjoy wi life every second every minute
Yes pedal to the limit
The taxi in a the sky no ask a who in it
Khago over did it
Fi them gyal sikes dem out
An dem no send on the digit
An den a piz after mi like seh shi a lose air
An shi want mi fi rim it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

Mi spar like a coin an shi role like a dice
Mi meck she froze up an shi no si no ice
Mi left that frighten like duppy ina rice tomb
And shi seh shi love missa me an cry
Shi a play ina mi lax caw mi no carry no lice
Now shi turn him ina ex shake a cup an a rejoice
Fi drop him like a bomb shi never think twice
Hey now shi happy like ina missa bazzle life

(Repeat Chorus)