Jamaica Security Minister Blames Vybz Kartel For High Crime Rate

This would not be the first politician to blame Vybz Kartel for crime in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

Peter Bunting, the Jamaica Security Minister, says Vybz Kartel’s lyrics glorifying lottery scammers and criminals directly correlate with crime in the island.

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During a speech last week at the Rotary Club of Liguanea Plains in Kingston, Bunting quote Kartel’s lyrics from his single “Reparation.”

“Big up every scammer weh mek US dollar, Western Union people fi give we more honor, every ghetto youth fi a live like Tony Montana, live presidential like Barack Obama,” Bunting said.

“It’s an amazing piece of propaganda for scammers. Bear in mind that St James has one of the highest proportions as it relates to homicides, and approximately 50 per cent of those murders are related to scamming,” Bunting added.

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The single “Reparation” which also features an appearance from Vybz Kartel protege Gaza Slim was banned from the airwaves in Jamaica after being released only a day.

Listen to the single below and sound off in comments.