Tony Matterhorn Donating Clash Proceeds To Charity

At the start of the Bad Boys Sound Clash last weekend Tony Matterhorn told the huge crowd that he will be revenging his Sting defeat and that he did.

Matterhorn, who is the undisputed Sound Clash champ, walked away with his prize money of US$20,000 (JM$1.8 million). But he has decided not to keep all of it to himself.

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“I was suppose to give $3000 to the Children’s Home, I am going to give them $2000 today because last night I gave some of the money to this little girl in Duhaney Park that they say her blood vessel burst in her head… so I went by there and donated some money,” Tony Matterhorn told Irie FM.

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Hip-hop mogul Diddy was the sponsor of the event which featured other Sound Systems such as Foota Hype, Bass Odyssey, Stargaze Sound and Flava Unit.