Lady Saw ft. Sunshine – Star Life Lyrics

Mi money stink
Mi money frouzy
When mi count hi it green up my finger dem
A what happen to dem sunshine
Yo know

(Verse 1)

Wi living like a queen from day one
All inclusive reservation
Wi travel all nation, caw wi pay strong

Life is good so mi gi weh clothe like everyday
Dress up again an do road everyday
Mi family dem good so dem proud everyday
So badmind people unu go weh

Mi know seh dem waan fi mi bone fi fry
True mi step up in a life gone 3 story high
In a one year about 3 store mi buy
A no me a count mi asset multiply

Land house, more house, one house, more house
Nuff a dem a chat an a run up dem mouth an all now dem no own a house


We live di star life
Nuff denaro role out di piaro an di broad bike
We superstar like

We live di star life
Nuff seh mi change true mi buy mommy range just alright
We super star like

(Verse 2}

Mi money stink
Mi money dutty
Look pon di diamond links dem pon mi puppy
Mi money no normal, mi money nuff
Look pon di maroon seed dem in a mi truck

No need to brak about it
Let dem talk about it
They just cant know about it
Everything wah mi got on seh rich
V pon mi Vuitton it seh rich
L pon mi Luiton it seh rich
Ma cheaser wah mi dash on it seh rich
If it no sick mi no drive it
If it no cris mi no ride it
A bwoy a itch mi avoid it
Mi have mi own money own plane caw mi private

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat the first 3 line in verse 1}

(Repeat Chorus)