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Sean Paul Had No Physical Relations With Alleged Ex-Lover

Sean Paul image may have suffered dearly this week after an alleged ex-lover, Susanne Persson, filed a $80 million lawsuit against the Grammy-winning dancehall star.

In addition to the lawsuit, Persson, a Swedish blonde, also released a tell-all book detailing her estrange relationship with Sean Paul.

Sean Paul Sued By Ex-GF For $80 Mil, Did Cocaine, Erectile Dysfunction, Abuse

In her book titled, “Irie Jambore: My life in Jamaica as a jet set slave with the enormous secret of a love affair with Jamaica’s perhaps most well-known Dancehall Artist.”

A source close to Sean Paul exclusively told UrbanIslandz.com that the dancehall star had no physical relations with the female in question.

“The gal is a stalker from long time,” the source said. “Sean Paul has never met or have any physical relations with Susanne Persson. That book was written two years ago and she has been trying to get some publicity for that sorry excuse of a book. It’s all lies.”

“SP and Jodi has been dating for almost 10 years now so therefore this girl could not be in his house in Jamaica in 2010,” the source added.

Sean Paul has not commented on the allegations, however, his legal team has indicated that they are handling the matter.

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    1. Lie or no lie, $80 Million Dollar lawsuit, just because you said he led you to try and commit suicide? so what about people who are actually murdered and get nothing from the murderer? much more people who do actually commit suicide over bad treatment from others? if it’s true, get over it and move on! if it’s not, I hope Jodi and Shawn kick her a$$ right back to Sweden, if she ever comes back to Jamaica!, that is, if she was ever really there to begin with!

    2. knew that dutty girl did tell lie pon di man.