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Sean Paul Sued By Ex-GF For $80 Mil, Did Cocaine, Erectile Dysfunction, Abuse

2013 is not starting out too well for dancehall icon Sean Paul.

The “Got 2 Luv U” deejay was slapped with a $80 million lawsuit by his ex-girlfriend, Susanne Persson.

Susanne Persson is a Swedish blonde Sean Paul allegedly dated back in 2010.

Sean Paul – Body [Music Video]

According to NYDailynews, Persson filed a 126-page document in a New York court claiming that Sean Paul abused her, was hooked on cocaine while they were together, involved in murder, bribery, have erectile dysfunction, and a host of other degrading accusations.

What makes this case even more bizarre is the evidence she put forward to substantiate her claims. A book she written titled “Irie Jamboree: My life in Jamaica as a jet set slave with the enormous secret of a love affair with Jamaica’s perhaps most well-known Dancehall Artist.”

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In the book, Persson gave some shocking details of their relationship, where she claims Sean Paul enslave her, starved her, pushed her to the point of suicide, before having her forcibly deported back to Sweden.

In an excerpt taken from the book, Persson alleges that Sean Paul’s cocaine use affected their love life.

“Ever since [Paul] started using cocaine regularly, he has had severe erection problems. If it lasts one minute, it is a good day,” Persson said in the book.

“I had tried to kill myself, losing more than one liter of blood from a cut on my wrist,” she said in another section of the book.

Susanne Persson book irie jamboree

Sean Paul, who married his longtime girlfriend Jodi Stewart last year, has remained tight lipped on these damning allegations.

However, his attorney only responded saying “He would not have the power to do that.”

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  1. hey is it true sean paul is coming to Zambia.

  2. nothing a bout no white girl ragga, if your involved with morals in the life then say so. murda she wrote? then why all the other crap? I’m not judge nor fefence but be real, because corruption is there , stay blessed.

  3. @Hype Williams: People will be more than willing to believe that crap. Sean Paul’s Jamaican remember?

  4. This woman trying to tarnish his reputation. I hope she don’t get that satisfaction. Send har back to Ja mek wi dip har again wid bare badness behind it. she can write a next book wen she done!

  5. So what’s that supposed to be about baby?

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  7. OK, WTF? They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but a which jungle she go find elephant and tiger inna JA? And why are they dressed like an indian couple. Enslaved you? Starved you? Suicide attempt & deportation? Me no know ’bout di rest, but it no soun like YOUR head too righted!

  8. She seems like more the crack head than Sean Paul.

  9. Jah know Sean Paul affi respond to this. cocaine, murder, hood cyan stand up LOL.

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  11. lmfao! sean you did what? muder? bribery? cocaine? if that’s the case she should be lucky he didn’t bribe someone to kill her or do it himself! CAN WE SAY OBSESSED! go back to sweden…oh I forgot, you already got dipped…next.

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