Blak Ryno – Outa Control Lyrics

Outa control
Mi evil a pick out a man soul
Bwoy fi know wi evil an cold
So him a bomboclooth hole
Heart fi get dark
Touch mi food an dash weh man fark
Mi rifle a go dash weh bwoy heart seet deh
Kill dem an laugh

{Verse 1}

Sit down pon yo endz an a me that a ripe
Look in a the car front gyco a drive
Look through the window the rifle push out
So you know wi a slap some in a yo head side

Kill dem off fast an slide
Murder dem fast an cut
Mi gyco mi wave up under bwoy shirt
Tripe an everything haffi a drop out a gut

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}
Run down pon dem wid the big black D’Nelly
Gun deh pon go but the bwoy dem no ready
Left the place Shelly an body get smelly
Meck breakfast an dinner a run out a belly
War energetic an heavy
Shot chop out dem head like a jelly
The gun wah mi buss it no regular
Impact a run an mi cyan hold it steady

{Repeat Chorus 2X}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}

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