Was Tommy Lee Bottled At Guyana Concert? [VIDEO]

Is Tommy Lee career in trouble?

There are rumors coming out of Guyana that dancehall sensation Tommy Lee was bottled and booed while performing at a concert there over the holiday.

VIDEO: Tommy Lee Performing Live At Sting 2012

Base on the video uploaded to YouTube, Tommy Lee received a grand entrance on stage, however, things quickly turn messy when some bottles started coming from inside the huge crowd.

One patron exclusively told Urban Islandz that it was a handful of guys towards the back of the crowd throwing bottles and shouting boos.

“It wasn’t as bad as it was reported in the media,” the fan told us. “It was a small group of idlers around the back throwing bottles and most of them ended up hitting other people in the audience.”

VIDEO: Tommy Lee – Maniac / Step Middle Day

Tommy Lee ended up performing a well received 20-minute set before the concert came to a premature end.

Watch footage from the concert below.