VIDEO: Tommy Lee Performing Live At Sting 2012

Tommy Lee performed his set at Sting 2012 at Jamworld incident free. No bottles and no boos from the audience.

“Jamworld you know what I want tou to tell them… say ba badness,” Tommy Lee told the audience.

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The “Psycho” deejay received a lukewarm reception from the audience. Tommy Lee kicked things off with “Step Middle Day,” before going into more popular singles including “Money Make Friends,” “We Want Paper.”

Rather than dissing Bounty Killer, in a surprising gesture Tommy Lee send shout outs to his nemesis.

“Big up every artists in the world, first thing first big up Worl’Boss,” Tommy Lee said. “Big all the elders in the business same way. Big up Bounty Killer same way although me and you not too good but we come to enjoy ourself tonight.”

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Peep Tommy Lee performance below.