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Black Ryno On Popcaan Sting Fight: “He Was Scared”

Dancehall star Black Ryno has broken his silence about the infamous brawl with fellow dancehall star Popcaan at Sting 2012.

The incident that was perhaps the most talked about event of Sting was Popcaan pushing Black Ryno off the stage.

Isiah Laing Threatens To Sue Black Ryno Over Popcaan Brawl

According to the “Money Haffi Mek” deejay, Popcaan got scared and pushed him off the stage.

“I was just looking to bring some fun to sting in the morning, because people been looking forward for me and Popcaan have a lyrical clash from long time,” Black Ryno said.

“For me the music is all about entertainment… so him get scared and give me a little girl bounce off the stage and me jump back on my feet and a bag of things,” Ryno added.

Black Ryno also apologise to Sting promoter Laing for causing the fiasco.

You can view the Popcaan and Black Ryno fight video below.

VIDEO: The Popcaan And Black Ryno Fight At Sting


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