Chan Dizzy – Herbalist Lyrics







Archey, Kiki, Ragga
Lighter, Wrisler, Grabber
Everything check
Yow sneaky role this up fi mi
Hear mi no man

Big up every herbalist ann every ganger former
Every man wa sell an cultivate di marihuana
No coke addict nor crack head dem cyan anchor on yah


Everyday wi burn a scliff man a herbalist
Real ganger smoker
Marihuana gimme firm allegiance by a word of singing
Man a no joker smoker
Role di cuchy meck wi burn chalis man a herbalist
All in front a di court house
Love when in a mi head di herb a kick
Make Christian praise God
And rasta man dem bun di coke out

{Verse 1}

Wa day yah mi deh pon a block an bay weed a bun
When mi take a stop mi look mi si police a come
Mi sit down pon a half a black a Katch pon piece a jum
Brain a tell mi don’t dweet but mi feat a run
The bwoy dem lock di place from back to base so mi slow down sah
Hear a voice ball out hey come yah
When di officer search mi an him find di herb him seh a this yo run fa
Him light it up an take a draw an seh

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Every morning when mi rise after mi give thanks
Mi burn a scliff an listen Bob an Jimmy Cliff song
To how mi feel no body cyan tell mi this wrong
Babylon a fight it but wi putting up resistance
Government unu free up di weed policy
Stop fight di in mecka di good caliweed
Di sensimenia in a mi brain that a wa mi need
Sing mi chorus without apology

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus}