Lady Saw Breaks Down In Interview, Says Macka Diamond Envy Her Long Time

There is no doubt Lady Saw is the biggest female dancehall artist in the history of the genre. But her recent announcement that she is leaving the business has left some of us uneasy.

Yes Lady Saw still got it and she should not let other females in dancehall push her out.

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Not all females in dancehall is against Lady Saw. During a recent interview with Robbo Ranx on 1Xtra radio, Saw broke down in tears when dancehall newcomer Ishawna praised her success and her personality.

“I grew up listening to Lady Saw and you know sometimes you meet people in the industry and they are not the same, when you meet them you get turned off by them,” Ishawna told Robbo Ranx. “When I met Lady Saw I just fell more in love with her and more in love with her music, she is such a beautiful person.”

Lady Saw was so moved by Ishawna’s comments that she got teary eyed.

“She kind of made me cry,” an emotional Lady Saw said.

“So much females in the business I helped so much of them and now they turned their back at me and try to make the world think am the worse person when there is so much i’ve done for them,” Lady Saw added.

Lady Saw went on to discuss in dept what caused her fallout with Macka Diamond and more. Saw says Macka Diamond was an envious person from the early stages of her career.

Listen interview below.