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Prosecution Star Witness Bad Vybz Kartel’s Defense

Embattled dancehall star Vybz Kartel returns to court on January 21, 2013 where he and his co-accused will begin their defense.

Vybz Kartel along with protege Shawn ‘Storm’ Campbell, stylist/fashion designer Calvin Haye, Kahira Jones, Shane Williams, and Andre St John are all charged with murdering Clive “Lizard” Williams.

According to new information, the prosecution’s main witness could be bad for Kartel’s defense.

Police sources say the witness, whose name was withheld for his safety, was suppose to be killed the same time Williams was killed, however, he escape the home in Havendale where the murder occured.

The prosecution has evidence to prove that the witness was at the house at the time of Clive Williams’ death.

Police say Vybz Kartel brought both men to the house to give account of a missing firearm. Williams was killed after they could not satisfied Kartel’s demand for the firearm. The other man, who is now a witness, escaped.

Williams body was not found.


  1. Him nuh have no kind of record. So how is vybz responsible fi any of it?

  2. Him nuh have no kind of record. So how is vybz responsible fi any of it?

  3. Him nuh have no kind of record. So how is vybz responsible fi any of it?

  4. firstly, where is the body and secondly how can u judge wen there was no body found to prove there was a murder.

  5. Its a matter of time kartel will be free.

  6. all of you who are talking about “free di worl” boss are just ignorant! what about the families of the guy or guys that was murdered? if it was any of your family members u would want him to rot in jail! besides hes got plenty of chances, plenty of times hes gotten locked up and freed and what does he do? he sings about it and mocks the system, well the systems got him now and all of you stans need to get of his d*ck cause kartel doesn’t give a f–k about u..talking bout free the worl boss dwl!

  7. Bloodclat kartel fake teacher deserves to die in jail too!

  8. We need 40 or more years fidi teacher he should suffer in jail!

  9. Things look sticky pon Vybz Kartel.