I Octane – Pray For Me Lyrics


Yow yo si when mi check it Chimney Records
A just Jah Jah yo si mi
Yes oh yea yea
Oh yea yea
Ohhhh wooy

{Verse 1}

Jordan dem streets yah wi take you weh
Take you weh
Kill you same place and left you deh
Left you deh crime rate a rise from yesterday
But a prayer a di remedy
I take mi two eyes see dem force allot a destiny
When a never that father god did set fi wi
Things and times change meck round yah so get so desolate
But Jah Jah please come rescue we


Oh God so mama please pray for me
Yes mama please pray for me
Every day
Yes mama please pray for me
Cause dem waan fi si di end a me

{Verse 2}

Chimney Records mi no know wa dem guys deh won’t do
So mi a sleep wid mi eyes dem open
After hours mi avoid dem road to
Dem bogus but a Christ mi a own up
Wi a pray all when mi no afto mi dweet
Cause a new day mi gone back to di street
Naw accept defeat do no box weh mi feat
And dem waan mi dead dem no glad seh mi seet
Chimney chus mi haffi beg today things set away
Cause di street still gang but it no care how di blood dem rence away
Before mi eyes mi a tell you seh things a unfold make sense to me
So Jah Jah mi a beg you one more time
One more time just rescue we

{Repeat Chorus}


Oh God
Yes I don’t wanna die
I don’t wanna cry
From there is a will tell dem seh I ready fi try
Cause I don’t wanna die
Yes I don’t wanna cry
I don’t wanna cry

{Repeat Chorus 2X}