Tifa On Taking Lady Saw Man “No Offense, He Is Not My Type”

In the midst of the crossfire between the leading females in dancehall, Tifa has stepped forward to address part of the reason why she and Lady Saw are beefing.

Addressing allegations that she is the reason why Lady Saw and her boyfriend John John are having relationship problems, Tifa says “he’s not my type.”

DETAILS: Lady Saw Calls Tifa A “Uptown Chihuahua”, Tifa Respond

“Lady Saw u & I both know that I not take ur man! No offense! But He’s not my type! & will never be! This rumor/publicity stunt needs to end,” Tifa tweeted.

Earlier this week Lady Saw took some shots at Tifa during a radio interview calling her an “Uptown Chihuahua.”

Do you think these females should take the beef to Sting stage?

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