Mavado – Di Gyal Dem Lyrics








We the best YMCMB
Di gyal dem ahoy
Gully God
When yo talk bout me
International player wid di passport
Sale pon di sea in a mi glass boat
Ha yeh awwwbwoy


All me care bout a di gyal dem
Meck mi si di lighters and the hands dem
All me care bout a di gyal dem
In a this yah party is a problem

{Verse 1}

Fi di gyal dem mi wi put on a show
But mi naw star no freaky show
Wa mi seh fi di gyal dem seed mi a sow
Lead mi a lead, glow mi a glow
Wa mi seh ice paw mi wrist when it hot out a door
Gyal bend over gwaan bad touch yo toe
The wa yo c**k up yo meck mi interest grow
Yuh have di dancehall queen flow
So mi seh gyal dem si mi an get mad
Bruk out gwaan bad when yo si di Gully God
The stuff deh paw mi feat an lui vie bag
Lord go what a bwoy full a swag
Everyday mi dress mi pop tag
And mi meck mi haters dem mad
YMCMB we di best dem have
Yo no si mi a wave di Jamaican flag

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Oh yes look gyal no short a
Role out in a di ghost holey water
International gyallis gyal wid broughter
Any gyal wa mi touch cyan style mi after
Buck this gyal wa name Jella
From me touch she shi run di likkle fellow
Run him out a di house meck him sleep in a cellar
Go sleep wid yo cousin, go sleep wid yo brother
Fi get a gyal mi no act nice
Caw di gyal dem know seh mi a top price
Mi burn di gyal dem like hot rice
Gangster, Mi touch di G spot twice

{Repeat Chorus}