Christopher Martin – Too Big Lyrics


Baby girl you know I godda tell you this
Since you’ve being gone
I think it’s grown it no fit no other girl
But to mate still look the same


Cause nothing change no
It’s the same size you us to sit on
It’s the same size you us to lay on and play on
Come back for it baby

Nothing change
It’s the same size that fit you right
But it looks too big and it feels too big
Ma bed too big, my bed is too big without you

{Verse 1}

Feels like am swimming in a ocean all alone
Feels like am wondering and mountain space
Dying to come back home
Lonely nights you know mi cyan sleep right
Pillow them tough like stone
So mi need you fi come back beside mi girl
No meck mi ball over this phone

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Another girl is on it now with the space don’t tight hi nuff
And it don’t feel as warm an plus the edges don’t feel the same
And six out a ten time mi call are by yo name
Girl a wa you do to mi
Tell mi the name a the spell wa yo cost on mi
A no tie yo tie mi caw yo cyan cook
Baby tell mi wa yo do

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Baby I should just throw this bed away
Without you
I don’t think am gonna sleep here another day
Without you
Am a mess and I don’t wanna stay this way
So won’t you, won’t you
Come back home today

{Repeat Chorus}

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