Tommy Lee Says Boos Were Planned By Alliance Camp

Tommy Lee was booed twice in one night last weekend. But the deejay says the Alliance orchestrated it.

During a well received performance at Chig It in Portmore, Tommy Lee decided to lay down a diss towards Bounty Killer calling him “b*tty mechanic” to which the crowd shouted boo.

VIDEO: Tommy Lee Booed By Fans For Dissing Bounty Killer

That same night Tommy Lee performed at at the annual Calico Jack Rum Punch party at the Liguanea Club in New Kingston where he attempted to diss Bounty Killer again and the crowd shouted boo.

Tommy Lee says the incidents were planned by the Alliance who are on a mission to sabotage the “Uncle Demon” deejay career.

“Yu si di people dem wey dem send inna di crowd, dem fi stop mek people boost dem fi mash up people career, because a just waste dem a waste dem time,” Tommy Lee said. “A di end of the day a di future wi a deal wid, a set dem set up people fi boo mi.”

Alliance Next Generation ANG manager, Cross Cris, says Tommy Lee accusations are false and baseless.

“So we paid all those people at Chug It and we paid all those people at Rum Punch?” Cross Cris said. “That is just baseless and stupid. Alliance wasn’t even at Chug It. The intention of Alliance is not to see the end of no artiste career. We just want to uphold the morals of dancehall. Bounty Killer is not against Tommy Lee personally, he also spoke out against Vybz Kartel when he made reference to the devil and with the bleaching, so we were just straightening him out. We don’t wish for no artiste demise or to stop their income because everybody has a family. We just want him to be positive and stop talk bout demons and call up Killa name.”

Cross Cris says Tommy Lee 15 minutes of fame is about at the end of the road and he is now only calling Bounty Killer’s name to get hyped up for Sting.

“We think this is the beginning of the ending of Tommy Lee’s 15 minutes of fame,” Cris added. “Bounty Killer has stopped calling his name or paying attention to him and we think Tommy Lee has only survived this long because Bounty Killer had called his name previously which led to the controversy. Right now Tommy Lee is just calling Bounty’s name to get hype for Sting and the people have had enough, and I suspect that he is going to get more boos.”

Do you think this is the beginning of the end of Tommy Lee?

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