VIDEO: Tommy Lee Booed By Fans For Dissing Bounty Killer

Dancehall man of the moment Tommy Lee found himself at the wrong side of fans at a recent show, Rum Bar Chug It.

The “Uncle Demon” deejay was in the middle of a very well received set when he name dropped Bounty Killer as “B*tty Mechanic.”

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That did not go down well with fans. Sounds of boo echoed throughout the venue as patrons grew angry.

Bounty Killer has since weighed in on Twitter, calling out Tommy Lee on the issue.

“Chug It go Bug It mon Rum Bar waah see mi Gun Bar how dem fi replace the Gaad wid a Fagg f*kca dem!!!,” Bounty Killer tweeted.

“One day str8 rain a fall a ja the demon dem a bawl eye water BAYE BOO BACKA DAT!!!,” Bounty Killer added on Twitter.

Peep video footage from the show below.


  1. nobody nuh big inna ang them cant even produce a hit song.

  2. Skoolaz Nosleep Plumma Omnipresence

    some of yall a act like bounty never get boo yet lol.

  3. Si how man do them thing GET BOO AND STILL DEH PON STAGE (A SELL OUT BOO THAT).

  4. bounty a fool arun from clash him nuh av no hits from bout 2006.

  5. Big up Bounty Killer the general.

  6. of to know what you saying when it comes on to the general.