Konshens ft. Miguel – Take You Ova Lyrics


Hey tropical blends remix

{Verse 1}

Gyal no bother heckle yo self
Da love yah a fi yuh mi naw go gi no body else
Whole night mi a pree fi cores yo body so tight
Da love yah wrong mi no really waan fi know right
And yuh seh yuh love hi so much
Yo body shiver an equiver when mi come deliver every touch
Yeh body massage position in a barrage
Meck yo scream when mi park up di truck in a garage
Yow hip hop meck yo body rock all di while
But tonight mi a give yuh in a yardy style
Konshens get di gyal dem hotter than hell
Come sing fi di gyal dem Miguel


Let my love
Just let my love looked on you

Take you ova
Love a take you ova
Love take you ova
Mi love a take you ova

You alone yuh better know
You know that I adore you
Yea baby

{Verse 2}

Hey baby girl a no bag a long talking
Do supn but let mi do the working no haffi do nothing
Yuh being a good girl a got your gift
No conversation blee the fifth
Start at the neck with a kiss
Yuh never get gangster love like this
Mi touch hi right spot dem yuh cyan resist
Never mist a no target practice
Candle light an di music soft
Clothe off set di dam thing off
Work it like a member of staff
All night till wi dose off

{Repeat Chorus}